0.95.0 (Private) Released

Finally progress I can share, also with the new gameplay Trailer! and I also launched Patreon, Discord, Reddit if you would like to join. Check the links below.

And I'll drop a post on Subreddit /r/Games and /r/PCGaming, hopefully, it will not get negative downvotes, I'll post them later in the comment.

As for the 0.95.0 private version, it is now available to download on Discord (Patreon required) though I'm not sure how Itch.io download works, so if you already donate or paid for the Donator DLC then message me.

This version will have a few features disabled, namely the Research system and Save & Loading (Work-In-Progress), but will have some crash-prone and the newest ability to try. The game currently uses DrDump crash reports, if the game crash then please do allows a crash reporter to upload the crash dump so I can fix it (You can skip the 'Send Additional Infomation' because it's HUGE). It's not the best bug reporter but it gets the job done.

I'll also update the screenshots, someday.



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Alright, just posted on Reddit, gonna see it after I sleep (2AM here)