0.95.80 - Packed with Information

One big addition update focusing on adding the integrated tutorial and more information.

This should be the final update before focusing on decoration for the store page and a public re-release. There won't be new content, maybe a couple of adjustments and bug fixes.


  • Engine updated to 22 August 2021 version.
  • Added Mouse Over Interactable Infocard as an integrated tutorial. Default On[Options -> Gameplay -> Accessibility]
  • Added Mouse Over Loot. Default On [Options -> Gameplay -> Accessibility]
  • Added Temporal Anti-Alias. Default On [Options -> Graphic]
  • Added Objective Direction to Exploration UI.
  • Added Game Contrast settings [Options -> Graphic]
  • Added Infocard to most interactable object.
  • Added Ambient sound to weather and stage background.


  • Added Elemental icon to Enemy, Weapon, and Armor infocard.
  • Adjust Weather to last a bit longer.
  • New game box image.


  • Fixed Stage and primary objective disappearing from Arcade mode generation.
  • Fixed the ability to advances time and weather during Stage preview.
  • Couple UI adjust.
  • More random small issue bug fixed.

As usual, not bugs are harmed during working on this patch.

This version is available to Discord and old players. If you want to try first head over to the https://discord.gg/UaZxxFyr9y.

Discord: https://discord.gg/UaZxxFyr9y

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