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Xecryst Remains is an Objective-Based Party-Based Third-Personal Action-RPG "Overworld Striders". Fight through randomized handcrafted stages with a freeform Action-RPG mechanic. Set in the world which government by Xecrystal energy called the Abstract. The source of economy, technology, magic, and world functionality. Be one of the mercenaries to suppress and searching for an ongoing cataclysm from Abstract imbalances.

Game Feature:

  • 7 Players Party-Based with Player-like AI for all the solo player needs.
  • Story and Arcade mode with shared permanent progression.
  • Freeform non-magnetism melee with different wield styles, leveled projectile-based ranged attack, and ability mixed with unique targeting mechanic.
  • Handcrafted 5 Regions with a procedural object and routing randomization.
  • Classless customization with unlockable ability and perk.
  • Upgradable Tier-based equipment.
  • Carefully manage your exploration, combat, and progress the game with the unique time-scaling difficulty.
  • Explore the world and experience gameplay affecting unique anomalies, time cycling, and weather.
  • Good for both long and short play alike with a time-saving feature reducing most of the ARPG annoyance.

A free game with no microtransaction, no time gating nor over-grinding. Only donation is accepted from Store or Patreon. Made by a gamer developer. Gamer to gamer.


You can join Discord to discuss the game and more info on the private-only test build available on https://discord.gg/UaZxxFyr9y and soon public build on this store.

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when the full game will be released ?

Sorry, but there's no time set for the v1.00 full version yet. But I'll do an increment patch until then.