0.95.60 Pre-re-release is out

Another update before public release, a short one.

Haven't been playtested but should be fine. I guess?


New Addition

  • Training Mode. Allows to use and change to any ability/perk in the training stage.
  • Conjure Shrine.
  • Menu Hint.
  • Donation Menu.


  •  Some text is now loaded from XML which allows for translation. (Not all, just some)


  • Beam ability is less effective for Critical Damage Amount.


  • Yep. Some more bugfixed.

This build is now publically available by joining  Discord (Steam code can be requested if you prefer) but not yet publically for Steam and Itch.io. 

I'll focus on improving the Steam store page, a better gameplay video, screenshot, and game box before re-releasing on Steam and Itch.io again.

Discord: https://discord.gg/UaZxxFyr9y

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