0.95.40 (Private) is out

It has been half a year now since the last announcement. It is slower than I would like but having to work, play and code the game while keeping myself sane enough under pressure is something. Anyways here is the update for the private version of the game.

Overall Changes: (0.95.20 included)


  •  Save & Load functionality, both profile and mid-game saving.
  •  A better Infocard UI with on-hover description in some UI.
  •  More time-saving features like Quick Shrine, Quick Loot, Auto-unlocker, and Loot directly during Exploration.
  •  A better item and ability searching.
  •  A lot of improvement to AI, using less CPU-cycle and most bug fixed.
  •  Armor and Accessory Model with Remodel function.
  •  Vastly improved the visual in both texture and other shenanigans.
  •  Shrine Reworked for more impact.
  •  Destroying Xecryst reward is more impact.
  •  Esenthel Engine updated to July (Released) build.


  •  Elemental Weakness is now Opposite Element instead of Rotation Element.
  •  Some more Gameplay Options.
  •  Equipment enchantment is now replaced for free up to the last tier.
  •  Lot of bug fixes that didn't write down.

This build is probably a final build for private only and I'll focus on fixing text (less broken English), make a better gameplay trailer, some small Reddit marketing (and get down-voted from not being visual appealing!), some localization support, training mode, and a tutorial.

As for the Story Mode will be made later until I am satisfied with the Arcade mode (the meat of the game).

Too Long, Didn't Read from 0.94.x version. A game flow rework.

  •  Game Flow reworked from 5 Round-based to a bigger 1 round with Exploration mechanic with its UI.
  •  Separate the game into Story and Arcade mode. Story Mode is 1 region with optional story content (WIP). Arcade Mode is all-region with some customization (Current is randomized and Vent Xecryst count)
  •  3 Regions added (Water, Earth, and Dark)
  •  Weather System.
  •  Allied Mercenaries are much better and more player-like.
  •  Most UI are reworked.
  •  Only DirectX11 and 64bit are supported.
  •  Sound Effect reworked, More music.
  •  Removed Multiplayer (planned to add sometimes down the road)

You can try the Private Build if you are a Patreoneer or were donated before (Please DM me in the Discord so I can link you).

Join the Discord if you want to chat or follow random news drop: https://discord.gg/UaZxxFyr9y

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