0.96.02 - Alternate/Balance Wield Style, and crash fix

TD/DR: Added alternate wield style for shield and hybrid wield style, balanced some wield style, couple UI update, and some crash fix.


Old Session may crash when loading in this version, but you should be able to retire.


  • Added Alternate Wield Style to Shield and Hybrid.


  • Added Wield about attack speed and movement slowdown information to Weapon Infocard.
  • Change the player stats Infocard in HUD to the new one.
  • Character Infocard now display modified stats during the main menu.
  • AI should stop spam Healing Weave. (Stop poor Weaver to KO all the time)
  • Objective Orb now moves closer to a player instead of randomly when timed out.


  • Pole wield style attack range bonus: 0.20 -> 0.25
  • Two Handed wield syle damage range multiplier: (0.90-1.30) -> (0.90-1.40)
  • Dual wield style damage range multipler: (0.45-0.55) -> (0.40-0.50) (Average: 1.00 -> 0.90). Now reset the miss cooldown on any hit.
  • One handed alternate wield style (Power Grip) damage range multiplier: (0.80-1.10) -> (0.85-1.15)
  • Bow wield style damage range multiplier: (0.80-1.05) -> (0.90-1.05)
  • Wand weapon now have slowdown multiplier: 0.60


  • Trader disappears when loading the save and cause a crash when opening Stash UI. (also add failsafe to prevent a crashing)
  • AI using toggling ability should toggle off probably.
  • Objective Orb going underground.


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Looks great